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Spectacular win for Germany’s Werndl

Western European League 2018/2019 Salzburg, Austria

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Second gold for Werth at the WEG

American Laura Graves and Verdades gets silver

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Germany Wins Team Gold

Tearful Comeback for Isabell Werth and Bella Rose in Helgstrand

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Germans flex their muscles in Tyron

Team Dressage gets underway

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British rider's second gold in two weeks

Germany takes team and Grand Prix titles

Confirmed 2019 Streams

  • Previous streams
  • 18th Jan - Bracknell Hornets v Invicta Dynamos
  • 19th Jan - Streatham v Haringey Huskies
  • 25th Jan - Bracknell Hornets v Solent Devils
  • 26th Jan - Lee Valley Lions v Peterborough Phantoms
  • 1st Feb - Haringey Huskies v Lee Valley Lions
  • 2nd Feb - Streatham v Peterbrough Phantoms
  • 8th Feb - Bracknell Hornets v Invicta
  • 9th Feb - Lee Valley Lions v Haringey Huskies
  • *More to be confirmed shortly*